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2020 Democrats rebuke Trump with State of the Union guests

(CNN)Democratic 2020 contenders are using Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night to showcase some of their major clashes with the President. Gillibrand, who battled the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, said she will introduce legislation in the Senate later this week that would protect transgender Americans’ ability to serve in the […]


Mountain lion removed from tree in California backyard

(CNN)Firefighters are well known for their cat-rescuing skills. But members of San Bernardino County Fire department faced a bigger challenge than your average trapped tabby when called to a home in California on Saturday. It was then lowered from the tree in a harness, assessed by wildlife experts and released back into the wild. “It […]


This ‘Fyre Fest 2019’ parody ad is way too real

The Fyre Fest jokes just keep rollin’ in.  A parody video popped up on YouTube Thursday advertising “Fyre Festival 2019,” which costs $20,000 and takes place in prison. Billy will be there, of course, because he is in prison. The infamous orange square, which you probably remember from the Fyre Fest documentaries on both Netflix […]